Friday, October 21, 2016

Oracle Arizona and A Detour to Visit Biosphere 2

I remember this being in the news but I never really knew where it was so coming across it  was by pure accident. 

It's a pretty impressive place and the tour was interesting, particularly the Water and Climate Change Project.
Work of Sculpture by Steven Derps with Santa Catalina mountains in the background and a real pretty view too.  Got to see a baby rattlesnake on the pathway, and was REAL glad the maintenance crew picked it up and put it in a bucket. Baby animals are cute, but I can't say the same for baby rattlers.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Finding Chairs in Your Trees One Day

Instagram Screencapture
My husband didn't notice them when he left for work one morning, but apparently someone in the middle of the night decided to put chairs in our front yard trees, carefully wedged or hung on the upper branches.
Instagram Screencapture
"what the heck is this" my husband ponders and then calls the non emergency number of our local YSPD. "Hello officer, err, there are chairs in my trees". NICE chairs too and I wonder if anyone is missing some dining room chairs ;)
 Anyhoo I can't wait to see how 
this is written up in the police blotter.
Some local friends who drove by just thought it was some odd new installation I was working on hah! and didn't bat an eye. I don't think I can shock people if I tried around here. Someone took photos and posted on instagram and said "wtf, why would anyone put chairs in trees". 
I have NO CLUE but ya know

Recycled chairs find a place in the trees

If you love trees and old chairs, then this one's for you.

Whatever the reason, be it a prank, an attempt at an installation or an artist ode, thanks for the laugh. Dare I say that the next day we waited in anticipation to see if somehow a side table or coffee table showed up hanging from the branches. lol.  

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Dusty Road to Tuscon and Why Tom Mix Died in the Middle of Nowhere

The scenic route 79 south to Tuscon
Well is started off scenic and then we had to take a detour due to road repair. Thank goodness it was a small detour because it was a dirt road and the truck in front of us was kicking up DUST.
Phew, back on the road and I spot a horse on a monument at a small rest stop at Florence. We didn't know we were at Florence at the time since you can't see a town from the monument spot. It looks pretty desolate and almost no other traffic, which made it confusing as to how Hollywood's first cowboy megastar, Tom Mix, could have had a car accident in the middle of nowhere.

Tom Mix Died Here, Florence, Arizona

Hollywood cowboy Tom Mix sure could handle a horse. Unfortunately, he couldn't handle a car quite as well.
So if you read the article they are not kidding about bullet holes, they are all over the place, including the rubbish bin. 
Yes of course it got eyebombed ;)

If you wondering why such a monument exists, just watch the video, he was quite a character and had a rich history BEFORE be became a mega movie star.

We had no idea before we set out about the Tom Mix monument so it was a delight to come across, particularly since Tom Mix was a major comic book character my husband loved as a child. Back on the road to Tuscon but we got diverted at Oracle Junction. 
More about that another day.

Friday, September 02, 2016

Delightful Curious Creatures on a Concrete Bench

at the 
Krannert Art Museum
Urbana Illinois
bench photography, statues
Unfortunately I can't tell you much about this sculpture except that it's in the wee garden outside the museum.  searched online but couldn't find any info anywhere, not on this link below either.

Tour | Public Art at the University of Illinois | ExploreCU

The University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign was established in 1868, and it was as early as 1875 that an art gallery was established in Old University Hall by Regent John Milton Gregory.

What I remember of this day in 2014 is how lucky I was to come across a Goya exhibit titled Goya's War: Los Desastres de la Guerra. Such a powerful and compelling exhibit, and painful. It was also a reminder to me that you don't have to paint huge to make a powerful statement with an artwork. After spending a couple of hours in the museum I sat outside in the wee garden and ate my lunch next to these wonderful curious creatures. They were a whimsical break from Goya's exhibit and a time to just let my imagination soar.

So if you dear reader know who created this sculpture please leave a comment.

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Bench Photography and the Amazing Pier 2 Arts Center in Kaohsiung Taiwan

bench photography
This was a two sided bench at the Pier 2 Art Center. This Art Center is amazing because without a doubt you can tell Kaohsiung has made a HUGE commitment to the arts and artists in the area with the the revitalization of the  warehouse district. This place showcases the the work of local artists, special exhibitions, sculpture, graffiti, murals, statues and is truly one of the best art experiences I've ever had. 

Pier 2 Art Center, Kaohsiung: Art, Leisure, And Fun In Taiwan

Talent can be found anywhere, and why travel around the world without witnessing local talents in different countries? Since art has become a huge part of cities in Taiwan, such as Kaohsiung, local art has been given its own place to shine. One such place is the Pier 2 Art Center.
art revitalization
 MAJOR credit goes to the persistence of local artists whose vision for the abandoned warehouses has made this center a stunning example of revitalization and a community treasure that draws record crowds.

Taipei Public Art | VICE | United States

Over the past few weeks, in celebration of the forthcoming release of Tao Lin's latest novel, 'Taipei,' we have been featuring a number of photo albums taken by the author during his recent trip to Taipei, Taiwan. In this selection, Tao shares some of the public art around Taipei.