Friday, May 12, 2017

Taking a Blog Break

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Will post updates here ongoing basis for art events or jafagirl projects 


Monday, May 01, 2017

Monday Studio Mish Mash

Now that the after exhibit lethargy has worn off I have my creative energy back.
 I am playing in the Studio and experimenting with felt and hand stitching.
Monday has started with rain and it feels so refreshing, so no complaints from me.
The rain didn't stop Nancy and I craftombing the YS Arts Council Space on the wet weekend,
and if you think I've stopped eyebombing, think again HAH! 
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Happy Monday 
thanks for dropping by

Thursday, April 27, 2017

What an Artist Should Create, Who They Should Represent, and How they Should Spend Their Time.

If you are an artist who worries about what you should or shouldn't do based on the snarky assumptions and attacks of others then you will NEVER make any work. So next time someone states what you should do, just tell them you didn't get the memo and carry on doing what you do.

Friday, April 21, 2017

Birthday and Cancer Exhibit

It wasn't planned this way, but I suppose it is fitting that the reception for my show with bestie and jafapal Nancy about Art and Cancer should fall on the my birthday. Last year it was filled with fear and uncertainty.

35th POST
I ate leftover cake for breakfast, HAH!
My son and dil sent me an ice cream cake for my birthday yesterday. I thought to myself this morning "hum! I bet it fits in with my oncologists calcium recommendations, right!!!! yeh, riiiiiight!!!!
 Meanwhile still waiting for radiation treatment to start.

This year I celebrate being HERE, and treasuring all those dear family, friends and community support.
 My gift is to pay it forward. 
 I leave you with my favourite video
the beautiful thoughts and memories it inspires

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Publicity and Bosom Buddies: Yarnbomb Installation

 Nancy and I starting installing our exhibit  with the yarnbomb wall and the the "lost bear" wall taking up the bulk of our time. Can I just we are SORE arg! Originally the yarnbombs were on my trees.
yarnbomb tree yellow springs ohio
All these yarnbomb circles and boobs were donated by so many dear people and I am happy we are able to showcase them in the gallery.

BIG  thank you to the Yellow Springs News and Dayton City Paper for featuring our work ♥

'Bosom Buddies'

By Karen Ander Francis Photo: Susan Gartner's painted head courtesy of the Jafagirls, whose Bosom Buddies exhibition runs April 21-May 14 at the YS Arts Council Breast cancer. The diagnosis is always devastating and its treatment is nearly as dreadful as the disease. How do you manage once you've heard the diagnosis?